Some Random Facts about ME!

Anytime I read a new blog, the first thing that I do is search for the posts that the blogger wrote about themselves. Seriously! If I am going to read someone's blog, I want to know who they are and what they love. Especially as a photographer, I want my clients to be able to see a little bit of my personality so that they can relate to me before booking a session! If you don't feel the same, then feel free to skip past this post! But if you relate, here are some random facts about me! 

  1. I am a total introvert! Not that I'm antisocial or shy by any means, but I enjoy my alone time! I read somewhere once that people who are introverted get re-energized by being by themselves, or just with the people closest to them, while extroverts get there energy from spending time with others. I am definitely the former! In my free time, you can find me and my fianc√© on my couch with our cat (Raja), a cup of coffee and a good movie after our yoga practice!
  2. I am a certified yoga instructor! I started practicing yoga as a way to deal with an autoimmune condition that I was diagnosed with at 16. Through yoga and diet changes, I am in remission today! I try to practice yoga in some way every single day. 
  3. I have a strange obsession with all things pregnancy. Yup. On top of my regular yoga training, I have an extra 85 hour certification in prenatal yoga! This training led me to also become a birth doula and I have attended two births so far! Pregnancy is so beautiful & fascinating to me. I would love the opportunity to capture your maternity session!! 
  4. I currently "work" part time as a Nanny to the sweetest little 2 year old boy. I've been with the family since he was 3 months old! It's not really work when you love what you're doing right? 
  5. I am notorious for "looking on the bright side". I am the ultimate positivity junkie. If your'e being a 'Debbie Downer', I might just call you out... or at least help you see the positive side! 
  6. I hardly ever read books, but I listen to them constantly. My favorites are of the self-help genre. Same goes for podcasts! I am always looking for ways to better myself.
  7. I'm about to have an MBA from Stony Brook University. Feels weird to write that! I have two classes left before I finish my graduate degree in Business this May. It's been a long road full of hard work, but I am excited to start this next phase of my life - post school! My goal is to apply everything that I've learned in business school to this small photography business! 
  8. I recently got engaged to my best friend! We're planning a very low-key, DIY wedding for next year and I can't wait! Every new place that we go, we buy a magnet! Our fridge is getting full!
  9. I'm a huge crafter/artist. I don't really know how to sit still so I am always making something! I also don't believe in buying something until I've tried to make it myself. Some of my favorite artsy things to do include; crocheting, macrame, calligraphy, faux flower crowns, & watercolor painting. 
  10. I have HUGE goals for 2018, this business being one. I believe that with hard work and positivity anything we want is possible to manifest.