Emily & Joey | Avalon Park - Stony Brook, NY

Emily and Joey | Avalon Park - Stony Brook, NY Engagement

This shoot. These two beautiful souls. This day, is still one of my favorites of 2018. I know that might sound silly, but shoots like this give me life! I truly love what I do, and these two made my job easy!!

On a gorgeous day in June, I met up with Emily and Joey at the beautiful Avalon Park, which happened to be a very special place for the two of them. They’re high school sweethearts (they’ve been together 7 years!) and they spent a lot of time at this park together growing up!

As we ventured through this dream location, the love between Emily & Joey was so apparent. Their love is authentic, deep and so, so beautiful. Thank you both for frolicking through the park with me! ;)