I Made My Friends Be Models in The Middle of Epcot - Disney World

Amanda and TJ are two of my favorite people. Amanda and I met back in 6th grade at no other place but the orthodontist haha. A week after seeing each other there, we had every class together of 6th Grade! Meant to be!

Ours is a friendship that has survived multiple moves (sorry Amanda). No matter the distance this girl has my back.

If I were to describe Amanda and TJ with one word it would be FUN. They're two of the most fun people I have in my life. We spent the day at Disney laughing our asses off!

When I told these two to stop and drop a pose in the middle of Epcot, they were allll for it.

Check out the magic we caught at the most magical place on Earthhhhhh! 


P.S. stay tuned for part two where I made them model on the middle of a very crowded beach! ;)