Liam | Newborn Lifestyle & Styled Session | Long Island, NY

Liam | Newborn Lifestyle & Styled Sessions | Long Island, NY

One of the things I love most about my job is meeting new people. I know for sure that we have something to learn from every new person we meet in this life. I treat every single client like a friend because I know that person has entered into my life for some reason. Whether it be to share a few laughs, to teach me a life lesson or to help me learn more about myself. It is never just about the photography for me!

Newborn shoots are especially special. You enter a family’s home/life at a beautiful and vulnerable time. A time that is so unbelievably special to them. They are celebrating the life of a new family member, and I get the privilege of documenting that time!!

Back in September, I received the absolute pleasure of meeting such a beautiful family. Mom Suja, dad Bless and little baby Liam. This family. It’s hard to put into words how beautiful it was to witness the way they lived their lives. Just like all my clients, I learned something from them…this particular family, taught me a little more about joy, faith and kindness.

I spent a good four hours with this little family & I witnessed so much joy and warmth. From the way they spoke to each other, to how they cared for Liam, to the decorations on their walls- it all came from a place of love and faith. You enter their home and you can feel this overwhelming positive energy. Liam’s parents welcomed me with open arms & it’s just who they are!! Little Liam is so blessed to have been born into such a loving family & I feel honored to be the one that got to document this time in their lives!!

The photos speak for themselves! I was able to capture the spirit of this new family & I’m super grateful! Take a look!