The Love of My Life caught our Engagement on Camera

The Love of My Life caught our Engagement on Camera

Chris has two different colored eyes. I had a dream about him about one week BEFORE I even met him. My dream was vague, but what I vividly remember is meeting someone with two different eyes and feeling completely calm. Calm in the sense that everything was right in the world. And over four and a half years later, that’s exactly how Chris makes me feel. 

So, a week or so after this dream I meet this awesome guy & what do you know, he has two different colored eyes. Meant to be, right?

Chris and I share a passion for yoga. We technically met because of yoga. How cool is it to be with someone who wants to do the same thing as you in their spare time?? Pretty freaken cool. 

I never thought that Chris would be able to pull off a surprise engagement. I'm the kind of person that over thinks every single detail. I'm a planner and a perfectionist and I just thought that I'd catch on. In fact, a few days before I told a friend that he could NEVER surprise me... little did I know.

On November 5th, 2017, (exactly one year ago!) we were spending the weekend at our friends lake house upstate. We planned to just hang out with our big group of friends & their dogs, maybe go on a hike and just relax. Chris surprised me with a camera tripod a few days before the trip.  He said it was for my new business and reminded me to take it with us upstate.

It was only the night before, that he asked if I wanted to wake up early and watch the sun rise over the lake and take some yoga photos. Me being a photographer and the fact that we take yoga pictures on the regular, this was nothing suspicious. Of course, I said yes. But when we woke up in the morning it was so foggy and so cold that the sun wasn't even visible. So, instead of checking out the sunrise over the lake, Chris wanted to go on a hike to a little stream he knew about and take yoga photos anyway. So, off we went on a little hike (one of our favorite activities so again, not suspicious). When I set the camera up, he suggested we take a photo of us instead of a yoga photo which was a little odd. So, I set up the camera to take our photo on repeat and all of a sudden he was down on one knee. Just the two of us, out in nature. The most perfect moment for us. I had no clue!! 

 I am so beyond thankful for him and so ready to start planning the rest of our lives together. Chris is the love of my life. Our relationship is easy. We compliment each other in so many ways.  I plan everything to the point of exhaustion, he reminds me to enjoy each day. He gets worked up, I remind him of our blessings. I hold onto something, he reminds me to let it go. We're two humans, doing this life thing in such a compatible way. Together, we are our best selves. With him, anything is possible.