Sascha & Yeshaya | Manhattan City Clerk Elopement with Dog | New York Public Library & Bryant Park, New York

Sascha & Yeshaya | Manhattan City Clerk Elopement | & Bryant Park, New York

I believe in serendipity. I believe that sometimes, certain people are placed in your life to plant seeds that will propel you forward on your own journey. Sometimes things align so well that you can’t believe they’re actually happening in front of your eyes. Everything about this afternoon was serendipitous.

This was the third wedding I had ever photographed back in June 2018 and I truly believe it was a gift from the Universe. Sascha found me on Pinterest. Which might not sound too odd, but what is strange about this is the fact that I did not intentionally place any photos on Pinterest at the time. Yup, I still have no idea how that particular image made its way to Pinterest, but I am so glad it did.

While waiting for these two to be called to marry each other at the marriage bureau in New York City, we were chatting and Sascha planted a few seeds for my life and my business that really helped propel my journey forward. These two were placed into my life for a reason and I am forever grateful. & not to mention the fact that they are two amazing individuals who are so obviously meant for each other- AND they brought their perfect dog Sadie- LIFE MADE. Did you know that you could bring your puppy to the City Clerk Office?!

We started this beautiful day off at Manhattan City Clerk office. Sascha & Yeshaya said “I do” and we took some photos outside of the courthouse with their pup! After that we made our way to the New York Public Library - Stephen A. Schwarzman Building on 5th avenue (hello gorgeous architecture). To finish off the afternoon, I dropped Sascha and Yeshaya off at Bryant Park for a drink! The perfect day if you ask me!

Even though I am technically hired by my couples to provide a service for them, I never think of this ‘transaction’ as one sided. As much as I am helping you capture one of the most beautiful days of you life, my clients (who always turn into friends) are also helping me take one step farther on my journey in this life. So for that, I am grateful!

P.S. marriages/elopements in one of New York City Clerk offices are one of my FAVORITE types of weddings to capture! (I like it so much I got married there myself!) So, if you’re considering a marriage in the big apple, I’d love to be a part of your special day!

Check out their perfect day below & let me know what you think! Who doesn’t love a dog at a wedding?!